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Ultrasonic Anemometers from Delta Ohm

Ultrasonic Anemometers

HD2003 and HD2003.1 are three axis ultrasonic anemometers, they measure
the speed and direction of wind, the U-V-W Cartesian components of speed,
sound speed and sonic temperature. The HD2003 allows also to detect temperature and relative humidity of the air and barometric pressure.

The HD2003 main features are:
• Determination of the anemometric quantities represented in diverse measurement units: wind speed and direction, U-V-W Cartesian components of speed, sound speed, sonic temperature.
• (HD2003 Model) additional output quantities: Temperature, Relative Humidity
and Pressure.
• 5 analogue voltage or current outputs, with different measuring ranges.
• RS232 and Multidrop RS485 Serial Communication interfaces.
• Confi gurable output rate of digital output data string.
• Confi gurable average periods 1÷60sec and 1÷60min. for all output quantities.
• Algorithmic raw date processing and validation, assuring ± 1% precision to
anemometric quantities.
• Digital high frequency data acquisition mode with 50Hz data output.
• Self-diagnosis with error checking and report.
• Reliability and precision on whole measuring range, no additional calibration
• Flexible, easy-to use operating software, confi gurable according to the user’s
needs through Computer interface.
• User interface for ‘Setup’ management and software upgrade through RS232 or RS485.
• Automatic alignment to the magnetic North through built in compass.
• No moving part, with reduced maintenance and service costs.
• Rugged and reliable structure, suitable for continuous operation even in severe
environmental conditions.
• Low power consumption.
• (On request) Heaters Option: built-in heating device of sonic transducers, to
prevent ice and snow formation. Assures correct measurements even in presence of sleet or snow.

HD 2003 - HD 2003.1

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