Net,Irradiance,Meter,Radiometer,Delta OhmNet,Irradiance,Meter,Radiometer,Delta OhmNet,Irradiance,Meter,Radiometer,Delta OhmNet,Irradiance,Meter,Radiometer,Delta OhmNet,Irradiance,Meter,Radiometer,Delta Ohm

Net Irradiance Meter (Radiometer) from Delta Ohm

Net Irradiance Meter (Radiometer)

LP NET 07 net radiometer is designed to measure the Net radiation passing through a surface, across the spectral range between the near ultraviolet and the far infrared. The Net radiation is defined as the difference between the radiation that strikes the top surface, and the radiation that strikes the bottom surface of the net radiometer. The upward facing surface measures direct
and diffuse solar radiation plus long-wave irradiance from the sky (clouds), while the downward facing surface measures the refl ected solar radiation (Albedo) plus the terrestrial long-wave irradiance.

LP NET 07 is designed for continuous outdoor use, and is suitable for all weather conditions. Although net radiometers are generally used in meteorology to measure radiation balance, the LP NET 07 can also be used to measure indoor radiant temperature (ISO 7726).


Net,Irradiance,Meter,Radiometer,Delta Ohm

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