Portable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta OhmPortable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta OhmPortable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta OhmPortable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta OhmPortable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta Ohm

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters from Delta Ohm

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter HD 2109.1 - HD 2109.2

The HD2109.1 and HD2109.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure the concentration (in mg/l) of dissolved Oxygen in liquids, the
saturation index (in %) and the temperature using SICRAM combined probes
of polarographic type with two or three electrodes and integrated temperature
sensor. Temperature only is measured by Pt100–SICRAM or direct 4 wire–immer-
sion, penetration or contact probes.

Thanks to an internal pressure sensor, the instruments automatically compensate
for barometric pressure. The instrument anticipates automatic compensation of
the Oxygen probe membrane permeability and of the salinity of the liquid being

HD 2109.1 - HD 2109.2

Portable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta Ohm

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO 9709

The DO 9709 Dissolved Oxygen - Data Logger allows the measurement of
the concentration (expressed in mg/l) of dissolved oxygen in liquids and of
the saturation index (expressed in %), using a combined measurement of a
polarographic type with two or three electrodes, and a temperature sensor
inside the probe.

Normally the instrument measures the partial pressure of the oxygen in the
water, measuring the current generated by the polarographic probe. The
temperature sensor, contained in the oxygen probe, and the atmospheric pressure sensor housed inside the instrument allow calculation of the saturation index and of the oxygen concentration in the liquid being examined. The instrument contemplates automatic compensation of the membrane permeability, used in the oxygen probe, and of the salinity of the liquid being examined.

DO 9709

Portable,Dissolved,Oxygen,Meters,Delta Ohm

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