Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters from Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters HD 797T

- Capacitive humidity sensor
- Output 4-20 mA (two-wire connection)
- Power supply 9 Vdc ... 40 Vdc
- Interchangeable transmitters (that is sensor and electronics)
Model HD 797 T is an enbloc relative humidity transmitter. The sensor is fitted at the end of a plastic tube and is protected against dust by a filter.

HD 797T

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters HD 2017T

The HD 2017T... is an active transmitter and microprocessor-controlled relative humidity hygrostat with display of the value detected by the sensor and display of the parameters during programming. The transmitter converts the humidity value into a linear current or voltage signal. The outputs available are in current 0...20mA or 4...20mA and in voltage 0...1V or 0...10V. The selection is made by means of a jumper. Linearisation, with a digital technique, allows excellent precision and stability to be obtained. The absence of trimmers, potentiometers, etc. makes instrument calibration very simple: it requires only operation on the keyboard without having to open the instrument. The humidity input can be recalibrated using two saturated solution: the first with 75%R.H., the second with 33%R.H. The relative humidity range 0%R.H...100%R.H. is fixed: depending on the solution used, the value 0%R.H. corresponds to 0mA, 4mA or 0V, while 100%R.H. corresponds to 20mA, 1V or 10V. Temperature compensation of the humidity measurement is obtained with a sensor in the probe. The D symbol on the display flashes if the probe temperature is lower than -50°C, higher than +150°C or if the temperature sensor is broken. Likewise, the display gives an "ERR" (error) indication if the humidity sensor is not inserted, not calibrated or faulty. The HD 2017T... also acts as an ON/OFF regulator for humidification or dehumidification: for this reason it is provided with a relay with a free potential contact at output. A LED on the front panel of the instrument indicates the energised or de-energised status of the relay.

Important note: the relative humidity sensor can work in the temperature range -40...+150°C. Outside this range it can work till +180°C for brief periods or in special execution.

HD 2017T

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters DO 9861T

DO 9861T humidity and temperature transmitters convert the humidity and temperature measured by two sensors into a 4-20 mA signal.

An LCD indicator allows the value of the process signal and the various parameters to be displayed.The accurate design and choice of components make the instruments precise and reliable for a long working life. The R.H. sensor is temperature compensated. The instruments have two sensors, a capacitive sensor for measuring relative humidity and a Platinum resistive sensor (Pt100, 100 Ohm at 100‹C) for measuring temperature.

The transmitters measure the relative humidity (% RH), the sensor temperature (TC), and calculate the wet bulb temperature (WT), the dew point temperature (DP), the absolute humidity (gr/m3) and the mixing ratio (gr/kg - grams of water per kg of dry air). The temperatures are expressed in degrees Celsius.The measurements refer to an atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 mbar. Once the physical quantity to be checked has been selected, the output current will be proportional and the status of the relays will depend on that variable.

DO 9861T

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters
HD 9008TR - HD9009TR - HD9007

The HD9008TR and HD9009TR are single block RH and temperature
microprocessor transmitters, temperature confi gurable. The HD9008TR is a
passive transmitter with a 4…20mA output and 7…30Vdc power supply; the
HD9009TR is a transmitter with a 0…1V standard voltage output (other outputs
available on demand) and 7…30Vdc power supply. Sensors are mounted at the
end of a plastic tube: a capacitive humidity sensor and a Platinum temperature
sensor (100 Ohm @0°C).

The instrument can be reprogrammed by means of a key, and no jumper or
potentiometer actions are required. The humidity input can be recalibrated by
using two saturated solutions: the fi rst one at 75%, the second one at 33%; the
0%RH…100%RH relative humidity range is fi xed, 4mA (or 0Vdc) correspond to
0%RH, 20mA (or 1Vdc) equal 100%RH.

Temperature standard confi guration is –40…+80°C for the HD9008TR and
–40…+60°C for the HD9009TR, corresponding to 4…20mA and 0…1Vdc,

The user can confi gure the temperature output in ranges different from the
standard one by means of a Pt100 simulator or of a set of fi xed resistances,
provided that it is included in the -40°C…+80°C range with a minimum amplitude
of 25°C. Two LEDs give alarm indications (temperature exceeding set range,
sensor breakage or short-circuit) and help the operator when programming.
An out-of-standard temperature operating range can be requested when placing
the order.

HD 9008TR - HD9009TR - HD9007

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

HD 2601V.1 - HD 2601V.2

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters HD 9809T

The HD 9809T offers a low cost solution for combined temperature and relative
humidity measurement. The tranmitter’s calibration and setting have been
executed in factory so it is ready for installation. The output signal is 0-1V for both
temperature and humidity. Power is 7 to 35 Vdc.

The HD9809T uses a very reliable capacitive sensor which covers a wide range
of humidity 5…98% RH (2 seconds to reach 63% of fi nal value). The sensor has
fast response time also when saturation has occurred. Low hysteresis and long
term stability guarantee accurate measurements along with long calibration

A thick fi lm class A Pt100 sensor is used for the temperature measurement.
Linearity and repeatability are excellent.

HD 9809T

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

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