Photometric,Radiometric,Transmitters,Delta OhmPhotometric,Radiometric,Transmitters,Delta OhmPhotometric,Radiometric,Transmitters,Delta OhmPhotometric,Radiometric,Transmitters,Delta OhmPhotometric,Radiometric,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Photometric and Radiometric Transmitters from Delta Ohm

Photometric and Radiometric Transmitters

The HD 2021T series allows conversion of photometric and radiometric quantities as illuminance (Lux), luminance (cd/m2) and irradiance (W/m2) - across UV, UVA, UVB, UVC spectral regions and 400-950nm band - into a 0-10 voltage signal. The voltage output 0-0 V ( 0-1 V, 0-5V, 4-20mA on request for substantial orders) comes factory set calibrated to the full scale range specified at the time of order. HD 2012T transmitters wide range of applications include:

• Measurement of illumimance (HD 2021T ) and luminance (HD 2021T.6) in offices and laboratories, manufacturing plants and production areas, commercial sites, theatres, museums, sports lighting, roadway lighting, tunnels and nursery-gardening systems.
• Measurement of solar irradiance, within 400nm ÷ 950nm spectral band (HD 2021T.1).
• Monitoring tanning lamps irradiance within UVA (HD 2021T.2) and UV (HD2021T.5) spectral regions, as well as efficiency control in filters for high pressure UV lamps.
• Efficiency control in UV lamps used in water purification plants, where UVC (HD2021T.4) band irradiance needs to be constantly monitored.

HD2021T transmitters can be installed either for indoor or outdoor applications (Protection: IP67). Transmitters sensitivity can be modified “on site” (1/100 ratio) using a multiturn potentiometer accessible from the outside. In case of extremely intense light sources measuring, the transmitter sensitivity can be reduced upon request. The HD 2021T series employs filters and photodiodes especially studied to adjust spectral response to a specific region of interest.

HD 2021T

Photometric,Radiometric,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

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