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Pt100 Simulator from Delta Ohm

Pt100 Simulator

HD 2047 is a handheld instrument designed to test and calibrate instruments with Pt100 input (100W a 0°C) and voltage/current outputs, such as active or passive temperature transmitter, recorders, testers and data loggers, etc. HD 2047 simulates up to 24 fixed values, following the Pt100 scale from -100°C up to +500°C, with a 2, 3 or 4 wire connections.

The set points selection is made through a rotary switch placed on the front part of the instrument. Whatever operating mode is chosen, Pt100 output is always active. HD 2047 can measure with high accuracy voltage/current outputs of any transmitter connected to the instrument input: -20V...+20V continuous voltage range and 0-22mA continuous current range.

The instrument can also calibrate and test the working process of a passive transmitter and simulates the Pt100 temperature input, providing power supply to the transmitter and measuring the current inside it with no external power supply required.

HD 2047

Pt100 Simulator

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