Thermocouple,Transmitters,Delta OhmThermocouple,Transmitters,Delta OhmThermocouple,Transmitters,Delta OhmThermocouple,Transmitters,Delta OhmThermocouple,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Thermocouple Transmitters from Delta Ohm

Thermocouple Transmitters
HD 778TR1 - HD 978TR1 - HD 778TCAL - HD 978TR2

HD 778TR1, HD 978TR1 and HD 978TR2 are 4-20mA two-wired passive transmitters with a microprocessor. These can be configured for thermocouple sensors type K, J, T and N. They convert the voltage value generated by the thermocouple into an electric linear signal within the 4-20mA range. The use of digital devices obtains excellent precision and stability in time.

The user can set the 4-20mA (or 20-4mA) output in any temperature range included in the measurement range of the individual thermocouples with a minimum range of 50°C. The range and type of thermocouple are simply set by using one button. A led signals the alarm situation (out of order or unconnected sensor) and helps the user during the programming phases.

The transmitters are also protected against polarity inversion. HD778TR1 is specifically designed to be installed on DIN B connection heads; HD978TR1 and HD978TR2 are suitable for mounting on 35 mm DIN bars. In addition to the 4c20mA output, HD978TR2 has a 31.2 digit display (height 10 mm) that allows the measured temperature to be displayed.

HD 778TR1 - HD 978TR1 - HD 778TCAL - HD 978TR2

Thermocouple,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

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