Magnetic Incremental Linear Encoder - Elgo Electric GMIX1A


Magnetic, incremental linear encoder. Universal suitable for many tasks in machine constructions



Small sensor with high protection class (IP67)
Adjustable ouput levels (5 V-TTL or 24 V push/pull)
5 selectable resolutions
(0.1 - 0.05 - 0.025 - 0.02 and 0.01 mm)
Speed monitoring-output and LED
Status-LED shows the selected resolution
Short cut proofed push/pull outputs
Separate Status-LED for each output-channel (A, B and Z)
Translator-circuit and adjustments in separate metal-case


GMIX1A is a magnetic Measuring-System, wich is suitable for different kinds of applications of mechanical engineering and constructions. An internal signal output is set and a status LED begins to flash (in order to a defined sequence), when the operation speed exceeds 25 ms/min. Further on this status LED shows the adjusted resolution with an assigned flashing sequence . In the translator box the resolution and output levels (24 V-HTL push/pull or 5 V-TTL line driver) can be adjusted with an internal DIL-switch.

Technical Specifications:

Ajustable resolutions (mm)

0.1/ 0.05/ 0.025/ 0.02 /0.01

Repeat accuracy (+/-):

+/- 1 Increment

Power supply:

10... 30 VDC stabilized

Signal level (switchable):

HTL 10... 30 VDC (push-pull) or 5 V-TTL

Output current:

max. 20 mA per channel
Vmax output max. 200 mA

Power consumption:

max. 300 mA

Operating temperature:

0 ...+ 50 C

EMC Generic standard


Housing sensor

Die cast zinc

Translator case

Sheet steel zinc

Protection sensor


Protection Translator


Dimensions (L x H x W)

Sensor: 30 x 15 x 10 mm's
Transl.: 116 x 28 x 74 mm's

Necessary magnetic tape:

MB20-50-10-1-R-X (5 mm)

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