Magnetic Incremental Linear Encoder - Elgo Electric GMIX2


Magnetic, incremental linear encoder. For longer distances like storage- or conveyor-techniques



2.5 mm
Repeat accuracy +/- 2.5 mm
Power supply 10 .. 30 VDC
Square wave outputs
(levels 10... 30 VDC)
max. operating speed 10 m/s (at 4 KHz output frequency)
High protection class (IP 67)


With GMIX2, ELGO-Electric offers an incremental sensor, which can be installed with a distance from up to 4 mm to the magnetic tape. With a resolution of 2.5 mm (repeating accuracy +/- 2.5 mm) and a max. operation speed of 10 m/s (output frequency 4 KHz), GMIX2 is suitable for applications in storage- or conveyor- techniques resp. for longer distances. Thanks wear-free measuring-principle (by magnetic scanning) and high protection class of IP67, the sensor works in rough environments always uninfluenced and reliably. The translator circuit, which converts the detected signals into 90 shifted square wave signals A and B, is already integrated in the sensor head. Thus GMIX2 can be connected directly to follow-up circuits (e.g. position indicator). The system is supplied with 10... 30 VDC. The output levels correspond to supply voltage (- approx.. 0.7 V).

Technical Specifications:


2.5 mm

Repeat accuracy (+/-):

+/- 1 Increment

Power supply:

10... 30 VDC stabilized

Signal level:

HTL 10... 30 VDC (push-pull)

Output current:

max. 20 mA per channel

Power consumption:

30 mA

Operating speed

max. 10 m/s

Output frequency

4 KHz per channel

Sensor housing

HM-PA (black polyamid)

Housing dimensions (L x W x H)

37 x 10 x 25 mm's

Protection class


max. cable length

30 meters

Operating temperature:

0 ...+ 50 C

Necessary magnetic tape:

MB20-50-10-1-R-X (5 mm)

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