Elevator Linear Encoder - Elgo Electric LIMAX

LIMAX Elevator Linear Encoder

Absolute linear encoders up to 1000 meters



no data leakage after power down or power failure
space saving unit and simply installation
direct measurement
measuring distances up to 1000 m
1 mm resolution
operating speed up to 16 m/s
abrasion resistant and contactless measuring principle
very durably against contamination
- different interfaces available


LIMAX was developed as a global platform solution for elevator manufactures and represents with its position characteristics an economical, insensitive and installation-friendly alternative to conventional elevator positioning. With its maximum measuring distance of 1000 meters LIMAX covers all possible measuring heights for elevators worldwide at this time. No gauging or reference runs after start-up is necessary. The unit and follow up electronic is mounted directly on the elevator cabin (e.g. roof of the cabin). Additional features, e.g. redundancies (according to the elevator guideline EN-81) and a floor recognition system, are available as options. The standard system is equipped with a magnetic tape guidance and is further available with helpful mechanical accessories to provide a simpler and user-friendly installation. The magnetic tape guidance insures for the correct distance from the sensors to the magnetic tape and consists of a special self-lubricating plastic. Three integrated guideways in the sensor housing permit a simple assembly (possible from 3 sides). The flexible magnetic tape can be hung vertically, spring loaded or mounted with a weight on the bottom of the elevator shaft. Available output interfaces can be CANopen (standard), RS-422, RS-232 and SSI. The sensor housing is IP 50 protected in standard version. Further IP 67 is possible as Option V (sealed version).

Technical Specifications:

Resolution / Repeat accuracy

1 mm / +/- 1 Increment

Maximum measuring length

1000 Meters

Power supply

10... 30 VDC


200 mA

Operating speed

max. 16 m/s

Allowed distance between sensor and tape

1.5 mm

Operation temperature

0... 50 C

Stock temperature

- 40... + 70 C

Avialable interfaces

CANopen (standard), RS422, RS232, SSI


80 %, not condensing


aluminium profile

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Guided: 176 x 55 x 45 mm
Unguided: 176 x 55 x 40 mm

Protection class

IP50 (standard)
IP67 (sealed option)

Magnetic tape designation


Coding system

Absolute, single track

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