Magnetic Rings For Rotary Movements - Elgo Electric

Magnetic rings

Useful with incremental ELGO sensors


Direct assembly on axes possible (e. g. motor shaft)
Contactless and wear free measurement principle
Applicable in roughest environments (protection class IP67)
Vibration- and shock-resistant
Pole division 5 mm (for LMIX and GMIX systems) or 2 mm (EMIX systems)
Three different sizes (small, medium and big)


All advantages of the magnetic measurement principle are available by using magnetic rings for rotary movements e.g. revolutions -, angle or extent measurements also. Besides the magnet rings are a wear-free and space-saving alternative to optical rotary encoders and are insensitive against dirt, dust, liquids and vibrations also. For scanning these magnet rings the conventional ELGO incremental measuring systems are useable. The ring, provided with a magnetic pole division (north/south poles), is scanned contactless with a magnetic sensor system. At present three different standard magnet ring sizes (see technical specifications also) are available.

Technical Specifications:

Pole width

5 mm or 2 mm

Pole width accuracy in %

+/- 0.1

Total error

< 0.15 (standard)
< 0.007 (special applications)

Number of poles (denpends on size and pole width)

12, 30, 24, 60, 44 or 114

Outer diameter

small: 19.75 mm
medium: 38 mm
big: 72 mm

Inside diameter

small: 14.7 mm
medium: 30 mm
big: 54 mm


small: 4.1 mm
medium: 6.5 mm
big: 7 mm

Interpolation factor - max. Number of pulses

for LMIX1/2/3: 200 - 2400/4800/8800
for GMIX1A: 500 - 6000/12000/22000
for GMIX2: 2 - 24/48/88
for EMIX1/2/3: 200 - 6000/12000/22800

Ring material

Hard ferrite 8/22 according to DIN17410

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