Position,Indicator,Elgo,Electric,HWD 15Position,Indicator,Elgo,Electric,HWD 15Position,Indicator,Elgo,Electric,HWD 15Position,Indicator,Elgo,Electric,HWD 15Position,Indicator,Elgo,Electric,HWD 15

Position Indicator - Elgo Electric HWD 15

HWD 15 (single axis)

Battery powered indicator with integrated measuring
system for rotative movements

Position Indicator


Easy handling and mounting
Up to 12 month in permanent operation
Abrasion free, magnetic measuring principle
Monitoring of battery status
Depositable datum value
pulse factor
Absolute/incremental switch over
Inch or millimeters as mesuring unit selectable
Robust back wall wit flange possibility
andtorsional support


The battery powered measuring system is provided with a hollow shaft (diameter 20 mm) and is directly attached on the spindle. The position is recorded by the integrated sensor technology and is indicated on the LCD-display. The casing possesses a robust back wall with flange possibility and torsional support. Although HWD 15 is a robust measuring system, the mechanical load should be absorbed by the spindle. The hollow shaft rotates in a maintenance-free slide bearing. The considerable basic functions and registers allow a multifaceted use. To emphasize especially is the easy pulse rate adjustment (standard 1250 P/R). Powered by a commercial built-in battery the system works for up to 12 months in constant operation.

Technical specifications:

LCD display:

6 digits + sign, digit height 8 mm

Power supply:

commercial 1.5 V battery

Power consumption:

approx. 1 mA

Operation speed

max. 1500 rpm
max. 2.5 m/s




Membrane keypad

Housing dimensions:

W x H x D = 72 x 144 x 61.5 mm

Shaft diameter

20 mm

Axial load
radial load

max. 20 N
max. 200 N

Protection class


Operation temperature

0... 50 C

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