Incremental Measuring System - Elgo Electric Z15

Z15 (single axis)

Battery powered "stand alone" unit, without any wiring

Incremental Measuring System


The flexible magnetic tape makes also angular
measurements possible and is
available in lengths up to 33 meters.
Up/down function
Pulse factor
Selectable decimal point
Depositable reference value
Inch/mm switch over


No more wiring is necessary! This battery powered LCD-Indicator is already combined with a magnetic sensor. The system is predestined for mounting on movable slides and stop-systems. With a good battery the system's able to work up to 12 months in continuos operation. The incremental measuring system Z15 measures movements directly, that means there are no pitch or measuring errors due to mechanical play. The distance between magnetic sensor and magnetic tape may be up to 0.8 mm's without impairing system accuracy.

Technical specifications:

LCD display:

6 digits with sign, digit height 8mm

Power supply:

commercial 1.5 V battery

Power consumption:

approx. 0.8 mA

Operation speed:

maximum 2.5 m/sec

Resolution of magnetic sensor:

0.1 mm


black plastic panel housing

Housing dimensions:

width 70 mm x height 47 mm

Cut out:

width 66 mm x height 44 mm

Installation depth:

57 mm + cable 60 mm

Protection class:

IP40 (installed state)

Technical specifications of magnetic sensor:


Length of sensor cable:

0.1 m to max. 1.0 m

Protection class:

zinc die cast housing IP67

Operating temperature:

+ 5...+ 50 C

Bend radius/cable:

min. 60 mm

Distance sensor/tape:

maximum 0.8 mm

Install position:


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