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Position Indicators

Z20 (single axis)

Programmable Mini-Position-Indicator for incremental signals

Position Indicators


External Reset and Set input
Up/down switch over
Pulse factor
Selectable decimal point
Depositable reference value
Digital brightness control
Multi edge triggering


Z20 provides a rugged cost effective quality panel mounting instrument. This small, compact unit has an 8 mm high, red LED display and provides a convenient, precise and easily readable indication of position. Using the dust-tight keypad (and external signal if required) the display can be reset or preset a datum value. The standard unit evaluates conventional, incremental square waves (Channels A,B and Z) of optical rotary encoders and also the magnetic ELGO measuring systems LMIX, EMIX, MIX, PMIX and FMIX (if ordered with measuring system index M or N).

The special version Z20-005 (see image) is already equipped with a connector to the magnetic sensor ELGO-MS20.60. The translator circuit is already integrated in the indicator unit. For correct measuring, a magnetic tape with 5 mm pole distance is necessary (e.g. ELGO MB20.50). The gap between sensor and tape must be 0.1... 0.8 mm.

Technical specifications:

LED display:

5 digits with sign (can be switched off), digit height 8mm

Nominal voltages:

+ 24 VDC (+/-10%)
Accessories: External power pack NG20 (115/ 230 VAC)

Power consumption:

approx. 100 mA

Operating temperature:

0... + 50 C

Connection technology:

Screw terminals

Counter frequency:

20 KHz correspond to a operating speed of approx. 2m/s
at 0.1mm resolution (higher on request)

Input signals Z20-E:

PNP active high, rectangular signals 90 phase shift

External inputs:

PNP, square waves A/B

Actual value memory:

is stored in an EE-Prom


black plastic panel housing

Housing dimensions:

width 70mm x height 47mm

Cut out:

width 66mm x height 44mm

Installation depth:

77 mm with connection plug

Protection class:

in the installed state IP40

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