Pressure Transmitters,Delta OhmPressure Transmitters,Delta OhmPressure Transmitters,Delta OhmPressure Transmitters,Delta OhmPressure Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Pressure Transmitters from Delta Ohm

Pressure Transmitters HD 2004T - HD 20V4T - HD 9408T

HD 2004T and HD 20V4T are microprocessor pressure transmitters, the first one having a current output (4-20 mA) and the second one a voltage output (0-5V, 1-5V or 0-10V).

The sensitive element consists of a bridge of piezoresistive resistances laid on a ceramic diaphragm. When changing the applied pressure, the bending of this diaphragm causes a linear and proportional change of the bridge resistances.

The stainless steel case (30 mm diam.) includes both the sensor and the electronics:unscrewing the base equipped with faston connectors, you access the keys to adjust the upper and the full scale. A LED helps the user during the calibration procedure. A 1/4” BSP threaded connection and a slot on the case for a 24 mm wrench are provided to connect the transmitter with the plant under pressure. On the other side, a 3/4-pole (depending on models) male faston connector, the relevant outlet and a PG7 cable gland pursuant to DIN 43650 are provided to grant the electrical links.

HD 2004T - HD 20V4T - HD 9408T

Pressure Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Pressure Transmitters HD 408T - HD 4V8T

The HD408T, HD4V8T are analog output relative or differential atmospheric pressure transmitters; they are used in all those applications where non corrosive air or gas need to be monitored, with pressure fields from 10 mbar to 2000 mbar. The piezoresistive sensor gives extremely precise and stable measurements of the applied differential pressure, with excellent repeatability, low hysteresis, and very good temperature stability.

The output signal of the sensor is conditioned to provide a voltage or a current output (model HD408T) or a voltage output (model HD4V8T) linearly proportional to the applied differential pressure.

The transmitters are ready to use as they have been factory calibrated. They are used to monitor clean room barometric pressure, to control filters, to measure flows (employment with the Pitot tube), for packing and packaging machines, and to control ventilation.

HD 408T - HD 4V8T

Pressure Transmitters,Delta Ohm

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