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Machine Safety Switches from elobau

le in many different formats, one of them having PTB (Ex) approval.

Machine Safety Switches

Machine Safety SwitchesMachine Safety Switches

Everything you need for the safety of man and machine from one source – that is what the elobau programme supplies.For machine guard monitoring, non-contacting sensors are used – they satisfy high protection standards, are free from wear and tear and particularly easy to install. All the systems which contain control units and sensors or locking bolt systems are approved according to the EN 954-1 and are consistent with safety categories 1-4. For multi-purpose requirements the sensors can be delivered in different design forms which also could have ATEX approval.

elosafe – the safety bus systemThe eloSafe safety bus system comprises various types of sensor with bus intelligence for direct connections. eloSafe has EN 954-1 category 4 approval. The advantages which the eloSafe systems give you are their simple and economical wiring, user-friendly configuration software and the particularly attractive price / performance ratio

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Machine Safety

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