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Reduced expense on cabling

Until recently, installing a machine safety system meant running individual cables from each sensor to the monitoring control unit. With the eloSafe BUS system, this expense is reduced to just one single 4-conductor cable, with all the necessary components connected to it via tee junctions. This cable comprises two wires for the power supply, and two wires for data transmission.

New IDC method

The new IDC method of termination makes connecting components to the bus line easy, quick and simple. No special insertion devices are needed because the end of the cable is placed directly inside the tee junction and screwed down ñ and the connection is made. Time expended on cabling is dramatically reduced. The modular design enables any participant to be positioned anywhere in the bus.

More information from up to 64 participants

The eloSafe BUS system not only transmits the on/off condition of the sensors but also enables full diagnosis of sensors as well as safety output circuits. In general, the BUS allows connection of up to 64 participants such as sensors, actuators, locking mechanisms and PCs.

Configuration via PC

In contrast to conventional systems, the behavior of sensors and safety output circuits of eloSafe sensors and actuators is not predetermined by the hardware. The software control of all eloSafe BUS system components enables flexible, manual configuration with just a few mouseclicks. This makes later adjustments simple.

Shot Bolt Units
Sensor Island
Diagnostics Unit
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