Incremental Linear Encoder - Elgo Electric EMIX/LMIX


The incremental linear encoder for angular and linear movements with speed-proportional square wave outputs



Resolution: 0.01 mm (EMIX), 0.025 mm (LMIX) at four edge triggering
Power supply/Output-level as 5 V or 10-30 V possible
Inverted signals
Speed proportional real time signals


The following versions are available:
LMIX1/EMIX1: Small sensor, translator integrated in 9 pin D-Sub connector
LMIX2/EMIX2: Small sensor with integrated translator (with index pulse)
LMIX3/EMIX3: Big sensor with integrated translator (with index pulse)

Technical Specifications:


0.01 mm (EMIX), 0.025 mm (LMIX) at 4 edge triggering

Repeat accuracy (+/-):

+/- 1 Increment

Power supply:

stabilized 10... 30 VDC or 5 VDC

Output frequency:

16 KHz (signal level 10...30 VDC)
100 KHz (signal level 5 VDC)

Output current:

max. 20 mA per channel

Sensor housing:

zinc die cast

Operating temperature:

0...+ 50C

Sensor dimensions:

L x W x H = 25 x 10 x 15 mm (L/EMIX1)
L x W x H = 30 x 12.5 x 25 mm (L/EMIX2)
L x W x H = 56 x 24 x 26 mm (L/EMIX3)

max. operating speed/
output frequency:

Signal level 10... 30 VDC: 4.0 m/s with optimal evaluation
Signal level 5 VDC: 4.0 m/s
4.0 m/s corresponds 100 KHz

Protection classes:

LMIX/EMIX1 and 2: IP67
LMIX/EMIX3: IP54 (option V: IP67)

Necessary magnetic tape:

LMIX: MB20-50-10-1-R-X
EMIX: MB20-20-10-1-R-X

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