Magnetic Incremental Linear Encoder - Elgo Electric EMIX23


Magnetic incremental linear encoder with a high resolution of 1 m



Repeat accuracy +/- 0.001 mm
Gap sensor/tape up to 0.8 mm allowed
Speed proportional real time signals
Wear free measuring principle
Contact less scanning
Insensitive against contamination
With periodic index pulse
Translator circuit integrated in sensor
Power supply 5 VDC / Output levels 5 V-TTL line driver


Predestined for feedback and control applications!
Based on the proven EMIX2 linear encoder system, the high resolution linear encoder EMIX23 was developed and offers two considerable advantages:
1. In spite of its small dimensions, the translator is integrated in the sensor head.
2. The installation of the sensor can also be done vertical.
It's a robust alternative to conventional, optical linear encoders (typical application: hydraulic brakes). Advantage: no wear at the electronical sensor technology. The system operates contactless.

Technical Specifications:



Repeat accuracy (+/-):

+/- 1 Increment

Power supply:

5 VDC rest ripple < 50 mV

5 V-TTL line driver

Output current / channlel:

20 mA

Available output tracks:

A, A', B, B', Z, Z'

Distance to the tape

max. 0.8 mm


max. 200 mA


95 % not condensing

Operation temperature

0...+ 50 C

Operating speed:

max. 2.0 m/s

Output frequency:

500 KHz at 2 m/s

Cable length:

max. 10 m (5 m recommended)

Dimensions (L x W x H):

30 x 12.5 x 25 mm's

Protection class:


Necessary magnetic tape:

MB20-20-10-1-R-X (2 mm)


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