Mechanical Linear Units - Elgo Electric FOW/FLW


Linear units with integrated Position Feedback



LIMIX / EMIX or EMIX23 insertable
Alternatively with a battery powered Z16 readout
(0.1 mm Resolution)
Guide Rail incl. magnetic tape
Open and enclosed slide carriages available
Slide with adjustable precison rollers
Guide rails up to 3750 mm long


These complete mechanical Linear Units solutions are equipped, with an integrated magnetic Linear Encoder. Four different resolutions are available: 0.1 mm / 0.025 mm / 0.01 mm / 0.001 mm). The translator circuit, which converts the sensed sine waves into 90 phase shifted square waves, is integrated in the 9 pin D-SUB connector of the encoder system (irrelevant for systems equipped with Z16 indicator). The wear-free sensor head (protected by IP 67) is already integrated in the carriage and guarantees the correct distance between sensor and magnetic tape.

A further variant with a battery powered Z16 Position Indicator (Resolution 0.1 mm) is available. These can be fastened directly on the guide carriage by a mounting angle (accessories) or built into a panel.

Guide Rail FS25-XXXX-X: The guide rail is a composite construction which unites high precision and hardness of a steel shaft with a low mass of an aluminum profile. An integrated T-Slot allows an installation, fastened by conventional M5 hexagon head screws. The profile of the rail is anodized. For measurement, the guide rail is already equipped with the Magnetic Tape.

Technical Specifications:

Available resolutions

0,1 / 0,025 / 0,01 / 0,001 mm

Repeat accuracy

+/- 1 Increment

Other electrical data

depends on selected encoder type

Length of guide rail

up to 3750 mm's possible


FOW-25-000-0 (offen)
FLW-25-000-X (geschlossen)

Outer dimensions FOW

L x W x H = 85 x 65 x 25 mm

Outer dimension FLW

L x W x H = 95 x 65 x 25 mm


Carriage: Alu (anodized)
Rail: Composite - Alu / Steel shaft (hardened)

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