Lift Encoder - Elgo Electric LIMIX

LIMIX - Lift Encoder

The incremental low cost LIMIX measuring system was conceived particularly for applications within the elevator range.



very easy to install
direct measurement at the cabine
insensitive (protection class IP67)
touchless & low noise scanning
0,25 / 0,5 / 1 mm resolution (depends on multi edge counter)
reapeat accuracy of +/- 1 Inkrement
power supply / output levels as 5 V or 10-30 V
inverted signal channels
periodic index pulse (every 2 mm's)
theorethically unlimited measuring length
speed proportional real time signals


The guided system, with a guidance body from slidable plastic, is simple to install, moves the scanning sensor optimally over the magnetic tape and provides with its closed lower surface permanently for the correct mounting distance between sensor and magnetic tape. The plastic body consists of 2 identical halves. The sensor can be inserted and fastened by conventional M3 screws with its assembly drillings, which are corresponding to the mounting holes at the block halves. The installation of the complete LIMIX system can be made alternatively by the sensor drillings (with extended M3 screws) or by means of 2 additionally mounting holes, existing at the guidance block.

Technical Specifications:

Resolution / Edge counter:

0.25 mm / 4 or 0.5 mm / 2 or 1 mm / 1

Repeat accuracy:

+/- 1 increment

Power supply:

10... 30 VDC or 5 VDC

Signal levels:

10... 30 V-HTL or 5 V-TTL (line driver)


max. 20 mA per channel


push / pull, durable short-circuit-proof

Sensor housing:

Zinc die cast

Protection class:


Sensor dimensions:

l x w x h = 30 x 12.5 x 25 mm

Working temperature:

0 ... + 65 C

max. operating speed:

5 m/s (with HTL at optimal evaluation)

Necessary magnetic tape:


Pole length of the magnetic tape:

2 mm

Dimensions of the slide body:

l x w x h = 51 x 22 x 32 mm's (mounted state)

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