Mechanical Guided Incremental Linear Encoder - Elgo Electric PMIX


Mechanical guided incremental linear encoder unit



Easy assembly
Combination with batterey powered Position Indicators possible


PMIX is an assembly-finished alternative to conventional linear units with its wear-free, integrated incremental measuring sensor. The magnet sensor and the magnetic tape are accommodated in a mechanical cylinder and thus optimally guided. The assembly can be further simplified with additionally available swivel heads and mounting parts (accessories). PMIX can be delivered with an integrated LMIX2 or EMIX2 sensor head as well as combination with Z15 or Z16. The technical data corresponds to the selected sensor type then.

Technical Specifications:

Electrical datas depends on selected sensor


Mechanical datas



Cylinder: aluminium
Sensor: die cast zinc

Measuring lengths (standard)

200, 400 or 600 mm

Total length

effective measuring length + 60 mm's


D1 (9 pin D-SUB-connector)

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