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Position Indicators

Performance Tester

For speed and overrun

Position Indicators


Quick fixation by magnetic mounting parts
Battery Power - Nor wirings or connections necessary
Supply in a handy service suit-case
Simple operation and handling


The SYSCOSO 1 machine performance tester is a very simple test instrument to measure the speed of a machine move or the overrun travel distance of a slide. Its fixing by magnets and its battery operation allows very reliable measurements, quickly, without any connection to the cabinet or to any 230 Volts power supply.

For instance it is really suitable for the control of the press brakes performances. For this purpose it will measure the slow speed (< 10mm/s) the overrun travel distance and the stopping time. The value of the overrun travel distance is very useful to analyse the condition of the hydraulic circuit and the efficiency of a safe guard system such as a laser system AKAS. The stopping time is very useful to assure that the distance between the guard system and the danger zone is correct.

This tester can be used, for instance, for the quarterly machine test control, for the analysis before a retrofit of safe guard, and the control of the restricted slow speed on tied up machines.

Technical Specifications:

LCD Display

6 digits, 8 mm high + battery condition

Power supply

Commercial 1,5 V (Size C) battery

Operation- and ambient temperature

+ 5...+ 50 C

Display Unit

Z16 (special software & housing)

Measurement cylinder

ELGO- PMIX / measurement range 330 mm

Cable accessories

5 m cable for switchboard connection

Cable option

3 m cable for foot switch

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