Compact Single Axis Position Controller - Elgo Electric P8511-REL

P8511-REL (single axis)

Compact single axis Position Controller



Positioning with up to 3 different speed rates
(up/down separately adjustable)
Single set operation
Batch counter
Spindle compensation
Encoder monitoring
Pulse factor
Tolerance window
Error messages


Positioning with potential free shutter-relay-outputs and extensive programmable parameters

Technical Specification:

LED display:

7 decades, digit height 10 mm

Nominal voltage (DC):

24 VDC (+/- 10%) or 115 VAC or 230 VAC

Power consumption (DC):

at + 24 VDC approx.110 mA

Nominal voltage (AC):

at 115 VAC approx. 13 VA
at 230 VAC ca. 13 VA

Operating temperature:

0... + 50 C

Connection technology:

RIA screw terminals

Counting rate:

20 KHz correspond to a operation speed of approx. 2 m/s
at a resolution of 0.1 mm (higher on request)

Input signals:

PNP active high

Output signals:

Potential free relays (shutters)

Power down memory:



black aluminium panel housing

Housing dimensions:

panel housing: 144 mm x 144 mm

Cut out:

panel housing: 138 mm x 138 mm

Installation depth:

installation housing: 110 mm inclusive plug

Protection class:

IP 40 (installed state)


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