Compact Dual Axis Position Controller - Elgo Electric P8822-REL

P8822-REL (2 axis)

Compact dual axis Position Controller

Dual Axis Position Controller


Positioning with up to 3 different speed rates
(up/down separately adjustable)
Single set- or program operation
Datum value
Serial interface RS-232 (option)


Positioning with potential free shutter-relay-outputs, with program memory (200 sets).
This unit fullfills, except for few restrictions, the whole functional range of P8721

Technical Specification:

Nominal voltage:

230 VAC/115 VAC or alternatively 24 VDC

Power consumption:

75 mA (230 VAC); 720 mA (24 VDC)

Encoder supply:

24 VDC/ max. 80mA

Input signals:

PNP active high (minimum pulse length: 300 ms input current: max. 10mA)

Output signals:

Potential free relays (shutters), contact I max. 1 A/ 230 VAC

Power down memory:

EE-Prom, service life: min. 10 years


LED displays (7 digit, digit height: 10mm)


16-Bit micro-controller

System accuracy:

1 increment (+/-)

Counting rate:

20 KHz (higher on request) correspond to operation speed of 60m/min. with a resolution of 0.1mm


Black metal panel or built on housing:
housing dimensions W x H x D = 144 x 144 x 84 mm

Cut out (panel):

138 x 138 mm

Installation depth:

76 mm (without plug connectors)

Ambient temperature:

0... + 50 C


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