Magnetic Length Measuring System - Elgo Electric Z10

Z10 (single axis)

Battery powered miniature
Linear encoder and indicator

Magnetic Length Measuring System


No connections resp. wirings necessary
Open PCB building method for adaptation
to most diverse machine types
Custom specified front design
and keypad available
Direct assembly with the magnetic tape
(integrated sensor)
1 mm resolution /
repeat accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Extensive programmable parameters
Pulse scaling factor and decimal place
Inch or Millimeters switch over
External battery box, 1.5 V Battery (Size C)
Indication of battery state / measuring unit
12 months in continous operation
(with a good battery)


The magnetic length measuring system Z10 is a combination of an indicator and a magnet sensor, which is integrated in the display unit and already electrically connected. Therefore no wirings or connections are necessary with the installation. In standard variant, an external battery case with a 1.5 Volt battery feeds the unit with power. The battery case is connected by a 10 cm long double-core cable to the indicator unit. Other 1.5 V - Battery sizes can be realized on request. The stan-dard system is supplied in principle as open PCB variant (without housings), in order to make possible an individual adaptation to diverse machine types. On demand, a cus-tomized housing and/or front design can be developed. A special version number (SN number) for a definitely identification or possible re-orders, will be created (see Type designation) then.

Technical specifications:

LCD display:

6 digits with sign, digit height 8mm

Power supply:

1.5 V battery (sice C)

Power consumption:

approx. 1 mA

Operation speed:

maximum 2.5 m/sec

Resolution of magnetic sensor:

0.1 mm


Open PCB for machine modulation

PCB dimensions (mm):

W x H x D = 53 x 30 x 16

Size C battery box dimensions (mm)

L x W x H = 60 x 32 x 27

Protection class

IP00 (open PCB)

Operation temperature

+ 5...+ 50 C

Mounting gap to the tape

max. 0.8 mm

Use able magnetic tape

MB20.25 (2.5 mm pole distance)

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