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Position Indicators

Z57 (single axis)

Single axis indicator with programmable relay-outputs

Position Indicators


2 programmable relay-outputs
Extensive programmable behaviour of relays
Power down memory
Pulse factor
Selectable decimal point
Depositable reference value
Multi edge triggering
Digital brightness control


This position indicator is available in various versions:

1. With 2 presets/changeover-realy-outputs(Z57-000)
2. With only one preset/changeover- relay-output (Z57-011).
3. Option M: Modulated for incremental. magnetic length measuring system

Technical Specifications:

LED display:

7 digits, digit height 8mm LEDS for relay outputs

Nominal voltage (DC):

+ 24 VDC (+/-10%) or 115 VAC or 230 VAC

Power consumption (DC):

20 mA at + 24 VDC

Power consumption:

at 115 VAC approx. 14 VA

Operating temperature:

0... + 50 C

Connection technology:

Screw terminals:

Input frequency:

20 KHz

Input signals:

PNP, square waves A/B

External inputs:

PNP active high

Power down memory:



black aluminium panel housing

Housing dimensions:

width 72mm x height 96mm

Cut out:

width 66 mm x height 92 mm

Installation depth:

90 mm inclusive connection plug

Protection class:

IP40 (installed state)

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