Universal Position Indicator - Elgo Electric Z58

Z58 (single axis)

Single axis indicator with optional Absolute-Interface

Universal Position Indicator - Elgo Electric Z58


Adjustable pulse factor,
multi edge counter and brightness control
Inch/mm switch over
Serial RS-232 interface
Optional absolute-interfaces RS422 and SSI*
Depositable reference- resp. datum value
Optional analog output 0... 10V or 0 (4)... 20 mA
Optional analog input* 0... 10V or 0... 20 mA
* in preparation


Z58 is based on the proven Z54-Type
and offers many additional advantages:
Evaluation of ELGO's - absolute liniear encoders or commercial SSI absolute encoders (option)
Analog output available (option)
Two shutter-relay-outputs as an option
Analog-input e.g. to evaluate linear-potentiometers (option)
Serial RS232 interface in standard version.

Technical Specifications:

LED display:

6 digits, 14 mm's high and additionally monitoring led's for relay outputs
and states of keys

Nominal voltage:

+ 24 VDC (+/-20%)
115/230 VAC with external power pack NG13-0 possible

without measuring system (at 24 VDC)

70 mA

Operating temperature:

0... + 50 C


Screw terminals and 9 pin D-SUB

Input frequency:

100 KHz / 500 KHz on request

Input signals (incremental)
Input signals (absolute)

PNP, square waves A/B, 24 V or 5 V-TTL
SSI as an option

Power down memory:



Black, aluminium

Housing dimensions (panel)

w x h = 96 x 72 mm
w x h = 93 x 67 mm

Dimensions built on housing (AG)

w x h = 107 x 76 mm
depth app. 100 mm

Install depht (panel housing)

78 mm (screw terminals)
115mm (D-SUB)

Protection class, front
Protection class, rear


Analog output

12 Bit D/A - converter

Analog input*

10 Bit A/D - converter


Red LED (14 mm's high), 6 digits + sign

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