Din Rail Mounting PLC Electronics PL250


PL250 is the DIN-rail mounting PLC for applications requiring flexibility and cascade control combined with mathematical functions. Main hardware data include 4 analog inputs (10/16bit resolution) for signals 0…10Volt /4…20mA or RTD/TC. 10.0V are available for external potentiometers, beside further 16 digital inputs PNP. 4 digital inputs can read 2 bidirectional Encoders (5/12V supply on pin) with 15Khz frequency (or 30Khz single), 12 digital outputs (relay 5A), 2 outputs 0…10Volt (resolution 8bit). RAM memory is provided with back-up battery . Function real-time clock also available. Three serial ports (MODBUS-RTU protocol or free-port mode) for RS485 (on pin) and RS232 (2 on plug connector) are available. Software tool PLprog is based on Ladder programming. Beside standard functions like countings, timing, PID control, other relevant features include motion control, mathematical and logic functions 16 bit, check on words bit, modules for serial communication as Slave, Master and Multimaster. Extractable terminal blocks, AC/DC supply (no external power supplier) and high flexibility make this PLC an interesting and cost-effective solution for application requiring a small/medium number of I/O.

Din Rail Mounting PLC

Ideal Application

Plastics extrusion
Textile industry
Food industry
Remote control by GSM modules

Technical data

Box : standard DIN 43880 (160x90mm)
SUPPLY 12...24Vac/Vdc
OPERATING CONDITIONS: 0...45°C, 35...95rH%

16 digital inputs PNP
4 universal analog inputs (15Hz) overlapped to 4 digital inputs PNP or NPN:
4 inputs 0…10V 10bit (PL250-xxAD)
2 inputs 0/4..20mA 16bit (PL250-x1AD)
2 inputs 0…20mA 8bit (PL250-x0AD)
2 inputs 4…20mA 7bit (PL250-x0AD)
4 inputs 0…1V 16bit (PL250-x1AD)
4 inputs 0…20mV 16bit (PL250-x1AD)
2 inputs PT100, NI100 16bit (PL250-x1AD)
(For further details please check data sheet)
4 inputs for 2 bidirectional encoders (30Khz for single encoder, 15KHz for 2 encoders, overlapped to 4 digital inputs)
12 relays 5A resistive (mod. PL250-1xAD)
6 relays 5A + 6 SSR 10/12V-50mA (mod. PL250-2xAD)
2 outputs 0..10V , 8bit (overlapped to 2 digital inputs)
ACCURACY: 0.2%±1digit for TC/RTD; 0.1%±1digit for mA/V

Supply pin for encoders 5V or 12V
Supply pin for potentiometers 10.0V
2 serial ports RS232 protocol MODBUS on plug connector
1 serial port RS485/MODBUS on pins
Extractable terminal blocks
Flash memory 64Kbyte for programming
Non-volatile RAM Memory 400byte
EEProm Memory 256byte
External MMC data memory 64Kbyte optional
Real-time clock
Ladder Programming for Windows
128 markers (logic relays)
64 bistable markers
96 timers - 16bit
32 counters (up & down)
Mathematical and logic formules
Integrated PID control algorithm
Range and rescale functions
Instructions set for Motion control
Memory area contact bits
Master, Slave and Multimaster mode
Programming execution time min. 2ms
2 Timed interrupts (min. 1ms)

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