Programmable Logic Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,TCT500Programmable Logic Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,TCT500Programmable Logic Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,TCT500Programmable Logic Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,TCT500Programmable Logic Controller,Pixsys,Electronics,TCT500

Programmable Logic Controller Pixsys Electronics TCT500


Programmable logic controller TCT500 is the ideal solution to integrate control and supervisory functions in a single device. Main data can be visualized on the 7-digits display for the monitoring of selected values. Four analog universal inputs are available for linear signals 0…1V, 0…10V, 0…20mV, 0…20mA, 4…20mA (10 or 16bit) and temperature sensors PT100, NI100, TC K, J, S, T, R, E (16bit).

A 10-12V tension is also available for potentiometer inputs or sensors supply, as well as a stabilized 10V tension for load cells and 6 additional digital inputs PNP/NPN. It is possible to control two bidirectional encoders (12KHz each or 25KHz if single input) by means of dedicated functions included in the development environment Plprog. Five digital outputs (relay 5A - resistive), one logic output 12V for SSR and 2 outputs 0…10V are available. Main hardware features include back-up battery,real-time clock and serial communication RS232/485 (optoisolated) on pin. Protocol is ModBus-RTU or Open protocol for communication with other devices. The development environment PLProg is based on the drawing of a Ladder diagram and it is divided into user-friendly function blocks. Besides standard functions like counting, timing, PID control loops (with integrated algorithm) other available options include mathematical formulas, motion control, check on bit and modules for the mangement of serial ports with configuration Master, Slave and Multimaster. Supply 12..24Vac/Vdc does not require external power supplier. This compact and powerful device assures high flexibility and cost-effectiveness, therefore offering an excellent solution for application with small-medium I/O number.

Programmable Logic Controller

Ideal Application

Plastics industry
Drying tunnels
Motion control
Weight systems
Local monitoring

Technical data

DIMENSIONS: 48x96(frontal)x135mm
SUPPLY: 12…24 Vac/Vdc
DISPLAY: 7 digits red, 9 red LED
6 digital inputs PNP
4 universal analog inputs (15Hz) overlapped to 4 digital inputs PNP or NPN:
4 Inputs 0…10V 10bit
1 Input 0…10V 16bit
4 Inputs 0…1V 16bit
4 inputs 0…20mV 16bit
2 inputs 0/4..20mA 16bit
2 Inputs PT100, NI100 16bit
2 Inputs TC K, S, T, R, J, E 16bit
(For further details please check data sheet)
4 inputs for 2 bidirectional Encoders up to 25KHz (or 2 encoders 12KHz)
5 relays 5A resistive + 1 SSR 10/12V-50mA
2 outputs 0..10V 8bit
SEALING: IP54 Frontal, IP30 Box, IP20 Terminal blocks
Stabilized power supplier 10V for load cells
Supply pin for potentiometers 10/12V
1 Serial RS232/RS485 ModBus-RTU protocol or free-port on pins (optoisolated)
Flash Memory 64Kbyte for programming
Non-volatile RAM Memory 400byte
EEProm Memory 256byte
External MMC data memory 64Kbyte optional
Real-time clock
Ladder Programming for Windows
128 markers (logic relays)
64 bistable markers
96 timers 16 bit
32 counters (up & down)
Mathematical and logic functions
Integrated PID control algorithm
Range and Rescale functions
Instructions set for motion control
Memory area contact bits
Master, Slave and Multimaster mode
Programming execution time min. 2ms
2 Timed interrupts (min. 1ms)

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