Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta OhmHumidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters from Delta Ohm

Humidity And Temperature Transmitters
HD 9008TR - HD9009TR - HD9007

The HD9008TR and HD9009TR are single block RH and temperature
microprocessor transmitters, temperature configurable. The HD9008TR is a
passive transmitter with a 4…20mA output and 7…30Vdc power supply; the
HD9009TR is a transmitter with a 0…1V standard voltage output (other outputs
available on demand) and 7…30Vdc power supply. Sensors are mounted at the
end of a plastic tube: a capacitive humidity sensor and a Platinum temperature
sensor (100 Ohm @0°C).

The instrument can be reprogrammed by means of a key, and no jumper or
potentiometer actions are required. The humidity input can be recalibrated by
using two saturated solutions: the fi rst one at 75%, the second one at 33%; the
0%RH…100%RH relative humidity range is fi xed, 4mA (or 0Vdc) correspond to
0%RH, 20mA (or 1Vdc) equal 100%RH.

Temperature standard confi guration is –40…+80°C for the HD9008TR and
–40…+60°C for the HD9009TR, corresponding to 4…20mA and 0…1Vdc,

The user can confi gure the temperature output in ranges different from the
standard one by means of a Pt100 simulator or of a set of fi xed resistances,
provided that it is included in the -40°C…+80°C range with a minimum amplitude
of 25°C. Two LEDs give alarm indications (temperature exceeding set range,
sensor breakage or short-circuit) and help the operator when programming.
An out-of-standard temperature operating range can be requested when placing
the order.

HD 9008TR - HD9009TR - HD9007

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

Compact Temperature And Humidity Transmitters

The HD 9809T offers a low cost solution for combined temperature and relative
humidity measurement. The tranmitter’s calibration and setting have been
executed in factory so it is ready for installation. The output signal is 0-1V for both
temperature and humidity. Power is 7 to 35 Vdc.

The HD9809T uses a very reliable capacitive sensor which covers a wide range
of humidity 5…98% RH (2 seconds to reach 63% of fi nal value). The sensor has
fast response time also when saturation has occurred. Low hysteresis and long
term stability guarantee accurate measurements along with long calibration

A thick fi lm class A Pt100 sensor is used for the temperature measurement.
Linearity and repeatability are excellent.

HD 9809T

Humidity,Temperature,Transmitters,Delta Ohm

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